Your first contact should be with a building representative if you have any questions regarding contracts, work conditions, or need clarity.             

Building Representatives:

Building Representative Unit
Abington Early Education Kristine Walker B
Abington Early Education Catherine Spaziani A
Beaver Brook Elementary Adrienne Whalen A
Beaver Brook Elementary Rebecca Pulkinen A
Beaver Brook Elementary Christine Hoyt A
Beaver Brook Elementary Amy Fedrick A
Beaver Brook Elementary Donna Gendreau B
Woodsdale Elementary School Jennifer Yarasitis A
Woodsdale Elementary School Laura Storey B
Middle School Beth Golden B
Middle School Laura Johnson A
Middle School Becky Petersen A
Middle School Mark Regalbuto A
High School Donna Conso A
High School Karin Daisy A
High School Seanna O’Donnell B
High School Tom Kitterick A
    President – Steve Shannon, High School     
    Vice President – Steve Moore, High School
    Treasurer – Jessica Sullivan, Woodsdale
    Secretary – Megan Kenealy, High School

PCEA Representative: 

Position available to any member who is interested.

MTA Representative: Carl Stamm and Chris Galvin

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