Article I. – Name: 

The name of the organization shall be the Abington Education Association, Inc., hereinafter referred to as the Association. 

Article II. – Objectives: 

The objectives of this Association are: 

Section 1: To improve and safeguard the quality of education as a public service to the Town of Abington. 

Section 2: To create a deeper sense of the dignity, unity and importance of the profession. 

Section 3: To act as the sole agent of the membership in matters of common interest, including collective bargaining. 

Section 4: To enable members to speak with a common voice on matters pertaining to the teaching profession. 

Section 5: To encourage the social organization of the membership. 

Article III. – Membership: 

Section 1: All full-time teachers, guidance personnel, supervisors, department heads, directors, nurses and educational support personnel of the Abington Public School System are eligible for unified membership. 

Section 2: All retired AEA members shall be invited to be honorary members of the Association. 

Section 3: Membership, except honorary, shall continue only as long as the annual required dues are paid by either continuing cash payment or payroll deduction payment. 

Section 4: Only those members, except honorary, whose dues have been paid in full or whose dues are being paid through payroll deductions will have the power to voice opinions and/or vote at meetings of the Association. Membership will be determined by the dues requirements of Article III, Sections 2, 3 and 4. 

Article IV. – Officers and Boards: 

Section 1: A. The officers of the Association shall be: president, vice-president, treasurer, recording secretary, Plymouth County Education Association representatives and faculty representatives from each building based on the total membership of AEA members in each building, and one (1) Unit B member per building/teaching level as outlined in Table 1. B. The numbers of representatives would be set as of April in an AEA election year and would remain as such throughout the tenure of the Executive Board and officers elected in that same election year. 

Table 1 Total Membership 

Number of Representatives 

School/Total (as of 4/1/19) 


0 – 20 1 AHS 55.6 

Unit A 3 Unit B 1 21 – 40 2 AMS 64.7 

Unit A 3 Unit B 1 41 – 60 3 Woodsdale 34 

Unit A 2 Unit B 1 61 – 80 4 BBES 53.2 

Unit A 3 Unit B 1 Unit B 5 (one per school) AEEP/Pre-K 14 

Unit A 1 Unit B 1 

  1. Powers and Duties of Officers 
  2. President 
  3. Or his/her designee shall preside over meetings of the 

Executive Board and all meetings of the Association. b. Shall appoint a chairman and members of standing 

committees. c. Shall perform all other functions usually attributed to this 

office. d. Shall serve as an ex-officio member of all committees, except the Negotiating Team, on which the president serves as a voting member. e. Shall, with the approval of the Executive Board, appoint an officer to complete an unexpired term in the event that duly elected officer is unable to complete said term. f. The stipend of the President shall be $9,975.00 annually. 

  1. The Vice-President 
  2. Shall serve as vice-president of the association and shall perform the functions usually attributed to that office. b. Shall meet regularly with committee chairmen to discuss 

committee activities. c. Shall have chairmen prepare reports when needed. d. Shall serve as a voting member of the Contract 

Maintenance Committee. e. Shall serve as a voting member of the Negotiating Team. 

  1. Shall become president if the presidency should become 

vacant during his/her term. g. Shall prepare a monthly newsletter. h. The stipend of the Vice-President shall be $3,900.00 


  1. The Treasurer 
  2. Shall hold the funds of the Association and disperse them 

in accordance with the budgeted authorization. b. Shall bill the membership for annual dues, collect the dues through the membership committee in each building and transmit amounts due to the Massachusetts Teachers Association. c. Shall maintain a roll of the members. d. Shall keep accurate account of receipts and disbursements 

and shall report at least quarterly to the Executive Board. e. Shall prepare necessary financial statements. f. Shall be bonded by the association. In the event the treasurer is determined by the Executive Board unable to perform the duties, then the secretary shall assume the duties of the office and shall be bonded. g. Shall be required to have the approval of the Executive Board for the expenditure of funds in excess of $50.00. h. The stipend of the Treasurer shall be $2,500.00 annually. 

  1. The Recording Secretary 
  2. Shall keep accurate minutes of all general meetings and 

all Executive Board meetings. b. Shall maintain the Association website. c. Shall work with Treasurer to maintain a roll of all 

members, including personal contact information. d. Shall manage Association correspondence. e. The stipend of the Secretary shall be $2,500.00 annually. 

Section 2: A. The Contract Maintenance Committee shall consist of the president, vice- president, negotiations chair and the remaining members of the Executive Board. B. The Contract Maintenance Committee shall be co-chaired by the president and vice-president. 

Section 3: A. A Negotiating Team of Unit A shall be voted by the Executive Board and consist of the following eight members: three from the elementary level (Pre-K-6), one from the middle level (7-8), two from the high school level (9-12), the vice- president and the president who shall be a voting members of the team. B. A Negotiating Team for the E.S.P. Unit shall consist of two secretaries and two 

aides from that unit and the president or his/her designee. C. The chairperson of each Negotiating Team shall be elected by members of each 

team subject to approval by the Executive Board. 

  1. The Negotiating Team Chairpersons will report to the Executive Board at all 

scheduled meetings that occur throughout any negotiating process. E. The duties of these committees shall be consistent with the Recognition Clause of 

the collective bargaining agreement. 

Section 4: A. There shall be an Executive Board consisting of the president, vice-president, recording secretary, treasurer, all faculty representatives, the Plymouth County Education Association representatives. B. Within the policies established by the general membership, the Executive Board shall be responsible for the management of the Association and shall carry out policies of the Association. C. Whenever a majority of the Executive Board shall agree that an officer is incapacitated or has been grossly negligent in his/her duties as defined in these By-Laws it shall recommend immediately to the general membership that the office be declared vacant. If the general membership so votes by two-thirds (2/3) majority to uphold the recommendation of the Executive Board, it shall immediately elect a replacement to fill the unexpired term. D. The Executive Board shall approve the expenditure of funds in excess of $50.00. E. The Executive Board shall be responsible for auditing of the treasurer’s books and 

shall determine the method by which this is done. F. The Executive Board shall adopt an annual budget for the operation of the 


Section 5: A. As many delegates as are allowed shall be elected to represent the Association as 

the annual meeting of the MTA. B. As many delegates as are allowed shall be elected to represent the Association at 

the annual meeting of the NEA. C. There shall be two alternate delegates elected to represent the Association at the 

annual meeting of the MTA in the event an elected delegate cannot attend. D. Any delegate or representative to any meeting or conference whose expenses are partially or completely paid shall submit a report on conference proceedings to the Executive Board. 

Section 6: A. The president shall make the following committee appointments: Friendship, Scholarship, Membership, Legislative, Public Relations and other appointments deemed necessary by the membership or Executive Board. (add Joint Labor?) B. Appointed committees shall be coterminous with the president. C. All committees will consist of at least one representative from each building unit. 

Section 7: A. The president shall appoint a Nominations and Elections Committee to conduct 

all elections and voting of the general membership. B. The Nominations and Elections Committee will consist of one representative from 

each building unit. The chairman will be determined by a vote of the committee. 

Article V. – Nominations and Elections: 

Section 1: A. The Nominations and Elections Committee shall be responsible for securing candidates for each of the elective offices before April 8 of each election year. B. Nomination papers will be available from the Nominations and Elections Committee to any member of the Association who desires to run for president, vice-president, recording secretary, treasurer, faculty representative, Contract Maintence Committee representative, or representative to the MTA, NEA or PCEA. 

Section 2: A. All members of the Association, including Unit A honorary members, shall be 

eligible for office or appointment to chair Association committees. 1. Current Unit A Association members shall have priority over all Unit A honorary members to all offices and appointments. B. All officers shall be elected for a term of two (2) years no later than May 1 of 

each year. C. The committee shall post the names of all candidates in all buildings at least two 

weeks prior to the elections. D. All elections shall be by secret ballot. The ballot must have space for a write-in 

candidate for each office. E. Candidates and By-Law changes will be elected/changed by a simple majority 

vote. F. New officers shall assume their responsibilities in conjunction with the school 


Article VI. – Meetings: 

Section 1: There shall be at least two meetings of the Association each year. 

Section 2: The president or a majority of the Executive Board may call a meeting of the Association with a six (6) day posted notice in all building units. The Executive Board may authorize a special general meeting by a two-thirds (2/3) vote at any time, without being bound by the six (6) day notice rule. 

Article VII. – Quorum: 

Section 1: The number of members which shall constitute a quorum at any general meeting for the transaction of business shall be twenty percent (20%) of the total eligible voting membership. A majority vote of the members present shall be sufficient for normal business matters. 

Section 2: In matters concerning the Association contract, forty percent (40%) of the membership shall constitute a quorum. A majority vote of the membership in attendance is necessary to ratify a new contract or change any part of an existing contract. Voting shall be by secret ballot at that meeting. 

Section 3: The number of members which shall constitute a quorum at any board or committee meeting shall be fifty percent (50%) of that board or committee. 

Article VIII. – Finance: 

Section 1: The Association will be an affiliate of the Plymouth County Education Association, the Massachusetts Teachers Association and the National Education Association. 

Section 2: A. Each member shall pay annual unified dues to the AEA, PCEA, MTA and NEA. B. The Executive Board shall decide any change in AEA dues. 

Section 3: A. Once a member signs a membership card, it is for a full year’s dues (September 1 – August 31) whether the payment be by cash or by payroll deduction. Dues are not pro-rated or refunded for a partial year’s membership except as indicated below. B. Membership will automatically continue from year to year in accordance with the Payroll Authorization Form. The method of payment of dues will remain the same until the Membership Chairperson is notified at least sixty (60) days prior to the date of change. C. Members whose employment starts after November 15 shall pay 3⁄4 NEA dues, 3⁄4 MTA dues, 3⁄4 AEA dues and full PCEA dues for the current membership year. D. Members whose employment starts after February 1 shall pay 1⁄2 NEA dues, 1⁄2 MTA dues, 1⁄2 AEA dues and full PCEA dues for the current membership year. E. Members whose employment starts after April 15 shall pay 1⁄4 NEA dues, 1⁄4 MTA 

dues, 1⁄4 AEA dues and no PCEA dues for the current membership year. F. Members employed fifty (50) percent or less of a full time position (for the full year) shall pay 1⁄2 NEA dues, 1⁄2 MTA dues, 1⁄2 AEA dues and full PCEA dues for the current membership year. G. Members leaving the Abington Public School System before January 30 shall be 

responsible for full NEA dues, 1⁄2 MTA dues, 1⁄2 AEA dues and full PCEA dues. H. Members who terminate employment after January 30 are responsible for full 

payment of all dues. 

Section 4: All cash payments are due to the treasurer no later than December 1 of each year. If, after December 1 of any given year and for the remainder of that year, a prospective member who is in the school system at that time and has not agreed to payroll deductions or paid the dues as so required, then that individual shall be excluded from membership in the AEA and other association for that school year. 

Section 5: The accounts of the treasurer shall be audited prior to September 15 using the method determined by the Executive Board. 

Section 6: The fiscal year shall be from September 1 through August 31. 

Section 7: Funds generated by the Association shall be used to aid in reaching the objectives stated in Article II. 

Section 8: Monies of the Association shall be deposited or invested in a way that will most benefit the Association as determined by the Executive Board. 

Section 9: Members may be assessed a fee other than annual dues to conduct the business of the Association. Any such assessment shall require a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Executive Board. 

Section 10: Officers of the Association, Chair of Contract Maintenance and members of the Negotiating Team (excluding officers of the Association), receive a stipend. 

Article IX. – Amendments: 

Section 1: These By-Laws may be amended by a simple majority vote of the total membership providing a simple majority of this vote is in the affirmative. The proposed amendment(s) shall have been posted in each building and/or presented at a meeting at least two weeks prior to voting. This vote must be by secret ballot. 

Section 2: If a conflict should arise regarding any of the By-Laws, the Executive Board shall have the power to temporarily suspend the article(s) for a period of no longer than sixty (60) school days. During such time the Executive Board shall direct the By-Laws Committee to propose resolutions to the conflict through the amendment process. 

Appendix A – Dues Rates (to be updated annually) 2021-22 Dues listed below

NEA Dues by code:
AC-1-100 Teachers, Guidance Counselors, Nurses  $     202.00
AC-2-100 All Active Educational Support Professionals  $     121.50
MTA Dues by Code:
AC-1-100 Teachers, Guidance Counselors, Nurses  $     503.00
AC-2-200 Secretaries, Clerks  $     302.00
AC-2-202 Paras, Tutors  $     151.00
PCEA (County)
Teachers, Guidance Counselors, Nurses  $        15.00
Administrative Assistants, Secretaries, Clerks  $          5.00
Tutors  $          5.00
Paraprofessionals  $          5.00
AEA (Local)
Teachers, Guidance Counselors, Nurses  $     136.25
Administrative Assistants  $        86.25
Tutors  $        81.25
Paraprofessionals  $        76.25
Teachers, Guidance Counselors, Nurses  $     856.25
Administrative Assistants  $     514.75
Tutors  $     358.75
Paraprofessionals  $     353.75

* Employees who are part-time or hired after November 14th are pro-rated