Copied from email on 3/10/23 from AEA President Steve Shannon


I am attaching the appendices for the Unit A contract for anyone who may be submitting for stipended positions. There are multiple tabs in the file.

The Association is in discussions with the district around clarification for the use of sick time/personal days for religious holidays. To be clear – any absence from school is deducted from the annual allotment of sick days regardless of the reason. Of those, 3 are designated as personal days. Religious holidays (Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashanah, Good Friday, etc.) must be taken as personal days. The contract allows for those religious holidays to be restored as personal days. This is what we are looking to clarify in the language in addition to providing the same benefit for both Units A and B.

Example: You have taken no personal or sick days (15 days, 3 of which are “personal”) and have chosen to take Good Friday off. That will count as a personal day. The district will restore the personal day, but your total allotment of sick days is now 14, but you still have access to 3 personal days. 

Hope that helps clarify the expectation and procedure.