Sent: Monday, April 18, 2022 6:06 PM
To: Lynette MacNeil <>
Subject: Aflac flyers and QR code


I am attaching two things to this email:

  1. a flyer for all Aflac products available to all school department employees.  I’ve been told that we are the only provider of disability coverage for the town that doesn’t require the employee to use their paid time off first.   We will pay no matter what – regardless of sick or vacation days being used.   This is VERY important as most people don’t want to be forced to burn up all of their time off – especially if they’re planning a maternity leave or a planned surgery.
  2. a QR code that goes directly to the school department’s Landing Page.   This page has each policy brochure as well as videos about each policy type.  It also has a link directly to my calendar so that people can schedule me at their convenience.

As always, I appreciate your help in spreading the word and sharing this with all staff.

Best regards,


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