Term of 2019-2021 

Beth Golden and Mark Regalbuto will run this year’s AEA elections 

According to our By-Laws, AEA elections must be completed by May 1. Candidates must be secured by April 8. Candidates must complete a nomination paper. (Nomination papers are attached to this email and require 5 AEA members’ signatures.) Candidates’ names shall be posted at least 2 weeks before the election. Voting will be done in secret. Candidates and By-Law changes will be elected/changed by a simple majority. New officers will assume their responsibilities in conjunction with the school year. All offices carry a 2-year term. 


If you are interested in running for office please complete a nomination paper and return it to Beth Golden or Mark Regalbuto at AMS by Friday, March 29. In addition, if you want to propose an addition/change to the By-Laws please complete that sheet (revision sheet also attached) and return it to Beth or Mark at AMS by Friday, March 29. Nomination papers and By-Laws revision sheets are attached and you can also get them from your building representatives. 

Candidates and By-Law additions/changes will be posted by April 8. The election will be held during the week of April 22. You must sign verifying that you have received a ballot. 

The following AEA leadership positions are open: 



Executive Board/Contract Maintenance Committee (combined as one board in the last By-Law changes, also the number of representatives based on the AEA population in each building) 

High School – 3 Unit A representatives/1 Unit B representative 

Middle School – 3 Unit A representatives/1 Unit B representative 

Woodsdale – 2 Unit A representatives/1 Unit B representative 

BBES  3 Unit A representatives/1 Unit B representative 

AEEP/Pre-K – 1 Unit A representative/1 Unit B representative 

Plymouth County Representatives from Abington – 2 

MTA Delegates, plus 2 alternates (represent the AEA at the annual MTA Delegates Meeting, this number may change as it is determined by MTA in April, but this has been our number for many years) 

5 delegates 

The spring election is also the time to change the By-Laws. I have attached the current copy of the By-Laws.  

What you can expect –  

Executive Board/Contract Maintenance Committee members meet every other month or when needed. Board members are to represent, help, and inform the members in their buildings about contractual matters, and all AEA, MTA, NEA issues. The contract maintenance part of your job involves handling grievances. Luckily grievances do not happen often – sometimes not for years. 

PCEA delegates attend monthly meetings and keep members up-to-date on all PCEA information. 

MTA delegates may attend the annual MTA Delegates meeting held each spring. You would be expected to report back to the membership what happened at the meeting. 


Steve Shannon, President