I would like to introduce you to your Joint Labor/Management Committee (JLMC) team members. I want to thank them for stepping into this role to serve you and the association regarding the review of our evaluation agreement. Steve Moore (AEA/HS), Taren Whitman (AMS), Jessica Sullivan (Woodsdale), Donna Flynn (BBES), as well as myself will represent the AEA. The purpose of this committee will be to meet with administration and review the current evaluation agreement to determine whether or not we should adopt any changes to make the process more fair, clear and consistent throughout all schools in the district. One of our tasks will be whether or not to adopt or adapt the new rubrics created by DESE. Once both sides reach agreement on any changes to the agreement, we will need to ratify it by a majority vote of Unit A members. Until that time we will be operating under the current agreement. If you have suggestions or items you would like to see addressed by the committee, please reach out to the committee member in your building. We will do our best to address as many concerns as we can and report back to you when we can. Our first meeting is Wednesday, October 24th. I am providing a few links in case you would like to see the proposed changes as well as our current agreement housed on the AEA website.




-Steve Shannon, AEA President